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About CILT

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport is the leading professional body associated with logistics and Transport with over 35,000 members spread over more than 100 countries. CILT established in the year 1919 and received its Royal Charter,UK in the year 1926. CILT holds un-paralleled professional International recognition.

Chartered Membership (CMILT) and International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport (Equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree) will be one of the major programs offered by CILT.

Who We Are

CILT - UAE Council in Dubai was originally founded in 2002 on the initiative of the former Director General Mr. Cyril Bleasdale and the support of a small number of CILT members situated in Dubai. The aim of setting-up a section in Dubai was to introduce best practice through professional membership and education within the Logistics and Transport Management in UAE Region. Mr. Maurice Flanagan from Emirates Group took the initiative to start this section and Capt. Jitendra Misra from Emarat Maritime LLC took the role of secretary general of the section.

Since its launching (2002) CILT - UAE Council has manage to attract 150 members and membership continuous to grow as the professional people from the industry, business community and students studying an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain with different universities has recognised the importance and beneficial of becoming members of CILT International. In 2005, CILT - UAE Council has hosted the CILT international conference in Dubai, which was a very successful conference, attended by all councils around the world. In 2007 the council lost one of the founding members Mr. Ron Martin who was very active council members and the former Director General Mr. Cyril Bleasdale have once again took the initiative to re-launch the council activities in Dubai. In December 2007 a council meeting was held at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai to evaluate the situation and embark on a new strategic plan with the aim of support the local government and private industry. During the same council meeting two key decisions were taken to support the council in UAE.

  • To promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study and advancement of the science and art of logistics and transport through the organisation and conduct of appropriate activities and services.
  • To do research into the best means of developing and improving logistics, transport and physical distribution by every practical means in the best interest of the community.
  • To educate men and women engaged in logistics, transport or physical distribution, or in any of the many activities connected with the movement of people or goods, so that they may acquire the knowledge they need to obtain the Institute 's qualifications.
  • To promote the study of the science and art of transport.
  • To promote the study of logistics, i.e., the entire supply chain theories and practices.
  • To provide an educational programme with examinations leading to a professional grade within the CILT.
  • To conduct educational programmes and training courses, with examinations or course certification, in order to raise the level of professionalism in the transport and logistics industries.
  • To foster investigation and research into the development and improvement of transport and logistics by every practical means.
  • To initiate the regular meeting and exchange of ideas of those interested in transport and logistics through conferences, discussion groups, lectures, seminars, visits to specific transport and logistics establishments.